From the Cradle of Liberty in Boston to the Big Apple and this week in the City of Brotherly Love, the 8 Chicoines and their Marathon of Health have been generating lots of excitement about the Wellness Revolution.

Everywhere they go, there are school groups to inspire, health-conscious lifestyles to validate and media events — all to spread the wellness message.  And a BONUS:  Each of these occasions provides a golden opportunity for Stemtech Distributors to talk to people along the Marathon route about how Stemtech’s products and opportunity are significant parts of the Wellness Revolution sweeping across America!

Go to www.marathonofhealth.com to learn of upcoming stops on the Chicoines route, then plan an event or two in your area.  This charismatic family and their adventure are natural magnets for your prospects!

Click here to see the NBC coverage of the Marathoners’ Philadelphia stopover.


The eight Chicoines have energized hundreds of school kids with their down-to-earth talks about the importance of good nutrition, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle.  At Beacon High School in Upper Manhattan this week and at Northeast Philadelphia High School this Friday, October 28th, Dr. Ed, Gaye, and the six Chicoine kids are sharing their message of wellness and the important part that adult stem cells play in their active lives.  And the kids who meet the Chicoines are psyched
Is there a junior high or high school in your area that is on or near the Chicoines’ Marathon route?  Just think of how many pre-teens and teenagers might go home from a Marathon of Health presentation and talk about adult stem cells (and maybe Stemtech) with their parents!  This just may offer an opportunity for you to share Stemtech’s message of wellness with people in your local area.
Click on the MOH home page link at www.marathonofhealth.com to contact the Chicoines and arrange an event in your area.  You’ll be glad you did!